A London-based filmmaking company. Our stories to date range from the journey of a priest during the recent conflict in Eastern Ukraine, a boxing and refugee story in the North of England, and charting the course of the Sava river in the former Yugoslavia, to the controversial interoceanic canal in Nicaragua. We also engage in immersive, interactive and multidisciplinary projects, which employ the latest technologies, such as 360 recording, to provide in-depth and multifaceted documentation.

We are experienced in working with small crews, operating with equipment tailored for versatile and highly mobile field work, enabling us to preserve essential production values without sacrificing the immediacy and intimacy of the story. Our confidence in delivery allows us to take risks and constantly explore innovative artistic and technical methods, while never losing sight of the ethics of documentary filmmaking.


We explore, illuminate and reflect on the raw corners of society, using observational techniques to allow for evolving narratives that retain the immediacy of events.

Through immersion in our subjects, our stories navigate the intersection of personhood and society, and document life within industrial or natural landscapes. Our visual language merges the direct, the poetic and the abstract.




Email: c-d@c-d.space
Phone: +44 7725 316303 / +44 20 7613 3787
Address: Unit 2, 62 Hatcham Road, London, SE15 1TW, UK