Crossdisciplinary / Germany & Ukraine


Crossdisciplinary / Germany & Ukraine

Divided Together sets out to put the viewer in between two worlds within the same country: the cities of Dnipro and Donetsk in Ukraine - so close and alike and yet separated by a front line; by perceived political and cultural differences that have resulted in a war that is already in its 4th year.

Conceived in partnership with Theaterlabor (Germany), this multi-phase interdisciplinary project incorporates 360 video installation, unifying 180° views from the two cities into a single virtual space, as well as a collaborative performance by actors from both sides, based on their own personal stories.

So far we have conducted a two-week workshop for the Ukrainian actors in Dnipro in June 2017, followed by a public performance on location; shot 360 video in both Dnipro and Donetsk, and integrated the material into a work-in-progress presentation in Bielefeld, Germany in November 2017. The next phase is a workshop and performance by the Donetsk-based actors, followed by the development of a play involving both collectives. Unable to cross the conflict border to perform together, each group will be filmed separately, and the resulting performances joined together into a single piece through another 360 video space.


Conceived & Conducted by

Zee Upītis
Yuri Birte Anderson


2017 | JUN | 09

Closing In performance (Dnipro, Ukraine)

2017 | NOV | 17

Videowalk 'work-in-progress' presentation (Bielefeld, Germany)

2018 | MAY | 05

Workshop with Donetsk performers (Moscow, Russia)

2018 | JUN | 07

Closing In Reaction performance (Dnipro, Ukraine)