Documentary / 71 minute / UK, Czech Republic & North Macedonia


Documentary / 71 minute / UK, Czech Republic & North Macedonia

Sava follows the river Sava on a 990km odyssey through the lands of former Yugoslavia. On her banks she converses with her people, who share memories, dreams and visions of the future, navigating themes of identity, nationhood and nature.

Through the film we meet an old steelworker, an international swimmer, the last ferryman on Sava, drag queens, artists, unemployed, war veterans, young families and anarchists - who all find their own way to tell stories of life and Sava; creating discourse among those who, disconnected by nation, religion and economic opportunity, have much in common through their shared heritage and the water which connects them.

Sava is a witness to human history; a conduit between East and West, the dividing line of great empires and a common thread between nations. Today she flows along borders through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, exploring the contemporary stories of her inhabitants. As her final words ring out, Sava sings.

A defining motivation of Sava is its afterlife, not only as a documentary film but a continuing project. The film will be taken along the river course, showing in cafes, museums, village halls and city cinemas; giving Sava communities an opportunity to see and think about their river as a whole, not just their own section. Alongside these screenings, we will show river artefacts, folk tales, artworks and a 360 degree video installation.


Producer & Director Matthew Somerville

Matthew Somerville

Dan McCrum

Story Development

Dan McCrum


Gorjan Atanasov

Narration Mira Furlan


2021 | AUG | 09 DokuFest (Prizren, Kosovo)
2021 | AUG | 23 MakeDox (Skopje, North Macedonia)
2021 | SEP | 11 Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)


2021 | AUG | 05 HRT (Croatia)